Our Place Adult Day Care
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Our Place Adult Day Care
Chris Smith, Director
714 Farr Street
Asheboro, NC  27203
336-629-3787 fax

Our Place Adult Day Care serves adults who want to live at home, yet desire companionship or require help with daily living activities. This program also suits adults who need oversight during the day, but are cared for by family in the evening. Adult Day Care contributes to a richer, more enjoyable life while providing activities that promote mental and physical well being.
Activities include:
  • Social arts and crafts
  • Educational programs
  • Games
  • Music and song

  • Discussion group
  • Friendship and peer support
  • Community involvement
  • Exercise
Benefits to Participants
  • Developing increased feelings of self-worth
  • Maintaining and/or regaining a responsible level of functioning
  • Opportunity for social interaction and companionship
  • Supervision in the taking of medication
  • Opportunity for healthy exercise
  • Nutritious hot lunches, as well as healthy snacks
Benefits to Families
  • Benefit by relief from their constant caring role and from the expenses of home care or loss of employment
  • Assurance that family member is being stimulated to their highest functional level
  • The ability to keep their loved ones in the community rather than place them in institutions prematurely or inappropriately
  • Peace of mind and the ability to be more effective in their caring role when the participant returns home from the center
  • For Adults over 60, there is currently no cost to attend.
Limited transportation to and from the Adult Day Care may be provided by RCATS. For more information, call

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  • Word Search book
  • Bird Bath
  • Ice Cream maker
  (no salt version)
  • Bird Seed
  • Bird Feeders
  • Sugar Free Candy
  • Large lightweight bouncing balls
  • Sugar free drink mixes
  • Little Debbie's cookies, individually wrapped
  • Old magazines
  • Small canvas panels for painting (8" x 10")
  • Mini hot glue guns with glue sticks
  • Colored pencils
  • Electric pencil sharpener
  • Watercolor paper
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Our Place facility
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